Adalm-Pluto PlutoSDR internet access over RNDIS USB networking device

Adalm-Pluto PlutoSDR internet access over RNDIS USB networking device

The Adalm-Pluto (PlutoSDR) can be connected directly to your router using a cheap and readily obtainable USB network connector which would give the device its own IP address and allow port forwarding.
Unfortunately, like me you’ve just bought yours and don’t have the extra USB network connector.
You can still connect the device to the internet using the power of internet connection sharing (ICS) and the USB cable. Stay tuned and I’ll explain how.

Please note that this is temporary until reboot (but a one line command will restore it after a reboot)
grep usb0:0 /etc/network/interfaces > /dev/null; if [ "$?" == "0" ]; then echo "usb0:0 already exists, skipping file write"; else echo "amending network information"; echo -e "\n\nauto usb0:0\niface usb0:0 inet dhcp\n" >> /etc/network/interfaces; echo "disabling USB network interface #2"; ifdown usb0:0 > /dev/null 2>&1 ; fi; echo "Attempting to bring up network interface usb0:0"; ifup usb0:0; ifconfig usb0:0; ping -c 4; if [ "$?" == "0" ]; then echo "Setting the time from internet time server"; a=20$(telnet 13 | cut -b7-23 | tail -n 2 | head -n 1); date -s "${a:0:4}.${a:5:2}.${a:8:2}-${a:11}"; echo -n "Successfully connected"; else echo -n "Failed to connect"; fi; echo " to the internet";

When this (admittedly long) one liner completes, you will have internet access from your PlutoSDR, it will have set the correct time and date and made a cup of tea for you.

Nobody really read the last bit did they? :D

See (and hear) you on QO-100!

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