Fix bricked ADALM-Pluto PlutoSDR

Fix bricked ADALM-Pluto PlutoSDR

So you updated the firmware on your ADALM-Pluto (PlutoSDR), got impatient and disconnected the power and it’s now bricked?
The LED1 light is half bright and the Ready LED is off?
The LED1 light is lit and the Ready LED is off?
Let’s fix it shall we?

Tools needed:
Computer (Windows, Linux or Mac)
USB lead between computer and PlutoSDR (disconnect it at this point)
A paperclip to poke a button inside a hole on the PlutoSDR (between the USB socket and the Ready LED)
To avoid reinventing the wheel I would now ask you to follow the DFU update part of and write the file pluto.dfu to the PlutoSDR.
When that completes, also write the file uboot-env.dfu to the PlutoSDR using the same method as shown on the page linked above.
This step is crucial and is completely glossed over on that page.

Unplug the PlutoSDR and reconnect it.
If all went well, you should be all up and running again.

To reiterate, the important part is to flash uboot-env.dfu after flashing the latest firmware.

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