I heard Santa Claus talking in Morse Code (CW)!

I heard Santa Claus talking in Morse Code (CW)!

Now my new passion is Amateur Radio, I want to see what signals are in the ether.
I’m not talking WiFi or mobile phone, but real signals from real people.
You don’t get any more real than our friend in the big red suit that goes by so many names:
Per Noel, Santa Claus, Sinte Klaas, Father Christmas, Old Saint Nick.

Did you know that Santa takes time from his busy schedule in December to talk on Amateur Radio? I did but until now I had no way of listening to him.

Today I am lucky enough to be hearing Santa communicating in the traditional way – CW (continuous wave) or Morse Code as it is more commonly known as.

That’s right, even as I type this he is pressing on a Morse key and sending out messages across the world. Don’t believe me? I recorded it so you can hear too.
Santa’s callsign is OJ9X Santa Claus OJ9X on

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