Logitech G510 G510s working under Ubuntu

Logitech G510 G510s working under Ubuntu

Hi all
After many years with my Logitech G15 keyboard I had to replace the wire once too many times.

I bit the bullet and bought an upgrade, the Logitech G510.

I run Linux (Ubuntu) and I hoped that the G510 would be as straightforward as the G15 to work under Linux. I was wrong. It’s a pain.

After much searching of the internet I found somewhere that had code for the G510 so I amended it to allow me to alter the backlight colours on the fly.

Enjoy, the zip file is attached.
make; sudo make install;sudo g15daemon
Rather than figure out udev rules I prefer the following line in my crontab:
@reboot while true; do if [ “`pidof g15daemon`” == “” ]; then g15daemon; fi; sleep 1; done

If you create a file /.g15colors and give it 3 lines of content with a number on each line between 0 and 255 it will set the keyboard colour to that colour whenever you send
sudo kill -USR2 `pidof g15daemon`

For example:
sudo echo -e “127\n127\n255” > /.g15color
sudo kill -USR2 `pidof g15daemon`


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