TV remote light constantly flashing.. solution

TV remote light constantly flashing.. solution

I just tried turning the TV on and for some reason the red light on the front of the TV was constantly flashing.

I know that this light is to show when the TV is receiving an infra-red signal from the remote control but I was not sure if the light was also a sign of system failure.

Hoping for the best I tried searching the room for a remote that had disappeared and was more than likely being sat on, causing the red light on the TV to flash.

I couldn’t find the remote but it did give me the opportunity to get close to the TV and put my hand over the infrared receiver in the TV and check if the light stopped flashing. It did, which meant that a wayward remote was indeed the problem and not that my TV was on its way to the scrap collector, which made me happy.

I remembered an old tale about mobile phone cameras having the ability to see infrared LEDs and show them on the camera screen so I thought I would give it a go.

I tried and panned the camera around the room watching the screen. Imagine my joy when I saw flashing on the screen and could find the missing remote.

As always, I hope this post helps someone :)

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