Ubuntu AMD no overscan / underscan fix

Ubuntu AMD no overscan / underscan fix

I have a monitor with a bunch of dead pixels at the left hand side and the bottom affecting maybe 5% of the screen.
Rather than throw the monitor away I usually change the underscan so I can skip the dead pixels.

Ubuntu 16.04 decided that it would no longer play nice with the official AMD drivers for my graphics card so defaulted to the generic drivers (but that’s another topic).

I fixed it by opening a terminal window and playing with the xrandr tool which allows me to configure the screen however I choose.

The command I used has 2 parts:
xrandr –output DVI-0 –set underscan on
xrandr –output DVI-0 –set “underscan hborder” 30 –set “underscan vborder” 43

Yours will doubtless differ in a few places:
DVI-0 will be the name of your display, find it by using arandr
“underscan hborder” 30 change the 30 to whatever you need, feel free to explore.
“underscan vborder” 43 change the 43 to whatever you need, feel free to explore.

Should you break anything you can reset everything using
xrandr –output DVI-0 –transform none

Once it is set correctly add the 2 lines to your ~/.xprofile which will make the changes sticky across reboots. Remember to remove them when you eventually replace the monitor!

This shows the full extent of the damaged parts of my screen
This is a zoom showing the pixels removed from my screen real estate after the xrandr commands have been properly configured.

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